the "Exception" project


In the ‘Exception’ project I have been collectng my fine art photographic experience since 2005.
These photographs deal with the problem of the vision of reality through the medium in relation to my inner perception.
I try to explore places and situation where I usually live, ordinary places, urban evironment, yet it is not a site specific approach.
I try to build a separate and personal narrativity of the every day exceptional yet ordinary life trough the perception of such abstract parameters as the space, the light, the time, the matter. Indeed the 'Exception' project is the way to join my double ‘nature' as visual artist and as a software engineer as well and It's a work about the linguistic side of photography.
I'm thinking at a subtle linking beetween modern software languages' semantic and photography : both them give us the opportunity to manage the ‘exceptional' event during ordinary life.
The "Exceptions" are special logical entities related to the unexpected events occurring during the software programming experience.
I took inspiration from these object-oriented software entities to give a name and a semantic to each single photographic work.