Introspection "Exception"

(2007 - in progress)

The structure of modern life brings us into contact with many people. We are occupied with many activities, professionally, socially, politically. And yet, perhaps never before have we experienced such loneliness, alienation, and separation.
Introspection Exception is drawing my attentionto the relationship between the individual and the group, the part and the whole, the inside and the outside. I'm going to explore the theme of the “outside-of in the middle of me”, as would say the philosopher Jean Luc Nancy or, in other terms, is about the need to get in touch with the 'other' and, at the same time, to get in touch with the inner part of ourself.
Introspection Exception images are views of beaches.
I 'm considering the 'space' of leisure as the medium in which everyone is going to express the loneliness of the human condition. I'm concerned with revealing the most intimate physical detail of people regardless their individual identity. For these reasons I decide to explore a place like a beach, where i can find lonely subjects as well as group of persons, and where i can take images of almost undressed people : clothes give too much information about identity.
Through fast shooting superimposition, using my camera as an automatic annotation tool, I study mobility and proximity of the people as an opportunity of access to other human beings.

"...What leaves before me and goes far ahead, further, so far that sense is lost, the voice ceases to resonate, the body remains vibrating and empty. Reveling, suffering, speaking, holding its silence..."
[Jean Luc Nancy]