Missing Resource Exception

(2006 - in progress)

The project, in progress since falling 2006, deals with overlooked spaces of the north-west peripheral urban landscape of Milan I usually cover during my daily two hours car commuting to the big city.
The concept of the work is to process the perception of the places I belong both idealizing them and turning the imperfect essence of the ordinary and almost insignificant moments I live two hours every day into a meaningful experience. So, during shooting sessions, I decided to play a sort of compulsive game : as soon as I catch sight of a higher or overlooked structure of the landscape, I stop my car, jump off it, and get down taking quick hand held shots using very fast shutter speed, then get in the car and drive till I catch sight of the next high subject… not really a contemplative approach to landscape : commuters are always too much in hurry to be contemplative. Higher buildings' roofs stuffed with satellite parabolic antennas, power plants' higher chimneys, telecommunication lattice towers or other very high structures of this territory either partially or completely perceptible from very long distances are becoming the overlooked subjects.
Actually I find more consistent looking for a subtle linking between my emotion and the medium I use, even pushing it under a stressing condition. I systematically turn off any image-enhancing device such as white balancing, noise reduction, dust removal. Under this condition I must trust only in my keen eye, in my inner sensor, because the in-camera preview returns just a very dark image.
Once in the digital darkroom the final image arise from darkness of my monitor by applying a simple curve level to the RAW file. No vertical line correction, no noise reduction nor particular tonal nor colour improvement I apply during the post processing.

Details and colours are ‘Missing Resources' in the final image which is including specific digital sensor noise patterns and showing very unreal colours…and yet this 'Missing Resource' image is revealing my own memories, my own imperfect but 'Exceptional' ordinary commuting history.

Missing Resource Exception is a limited Fine Art Photography edition.
Edition : 6 + 3 a,p
Archival Pigmented Fine Art Giclèe Prints on Velvet Somerset Paper
Dimensions : 70 x 100 cm